Star Trek Discovery Theories - Star Trek Meets Mass Effect

In this podcast, we take a look at the brand new Star Trek series Star Trek Discovery and the Star Trek Discovery theory: ‘Star Trek Discovery is an artistic sequel to the video game Mass Effect’. That Star Trek Discovery fan theory is one of many that Joe and Anthony propose in this episode of Abstract Nonsense the Fan Theories and Alternate Readings Podcast.

Star Trek Discovery Fan Theories

Star Trek Discovery Theory No. 1
[3:38] Star Trek Discovery takes place in the Mass Effect universe

Have you recently watched Star Trek Discovery and thought 'geez something feels oddly familiar about this setup'? It's not just you, the overall feel of Star Trek Discovery seems to echo the atmosphere, setting and design of one of the most popular Western Sci-Fi RPGs in the most recent decade, Mass Effect. Could Star Wars Discovery be an artistic sequel to the Mass Effect video game franchise? And is Star Trek Discovery the Mass Effect TV show that fans have always wanted?

Star Trek Discovery Theory No. 2
[13:41] Commander Michael is Tuvok's grandmother
A bit of a wacky fan theory about Star Trek Discovery one of abstract nonsense fans rights in with the theory that Star Trek Discovery is Commander Michael might actually be to box grandmother what do you think

Star Trek Discovery Theory No. 3
[18:21] Star Trek Discovery is set in an alternate Mirror Universe
Somethings just not right about Star Trek Discovery. Sure it looks like Star Trek and the showrunners has said it is in the Prime universe, but the way Starfleet is behaving just doesn't feel right...what if its actually in an alternate universe?

This Star Trek Discovery Theory argues that the new Star Trek Discovery is set in an alternate mirror Universe which is a combination of the Prime Universe and the Mirror universe.

Star Trek Discovery Theory No. 4
[27:49] Commander Michael is a giant racist
It's very interesting that Star Trek Discovery has set up its main character to be incredibly racist. Commander Michael seems to have a passionate and aggressive disdain for the Klingons, how does this attitude fit into Starfleet's mantra of tolerance and acceptance.

What does this does this say about Star Trek's perception of contemporary culture? Listen and find out.


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