Spy Kids Theory - Why Floop is obsessed with Hand | Ep. 37

We take a look at the kids films Spy Kids and the fan theory: ‘Why Floop has an obsession with people's hands’. That Spy Kids fan theory is one of many that Joe and Anthony propose in this episode of Abstract Nonsense the Fan Theories and Alternate Readings Podcast.


What is this show? - As Explained By Joe
Spy Kids

Spy Kids is the film version of child’s fantasy story that they had to write in primary school for a short story competition. Spy Kids holds a lot of nostalgia for a lot of people, as a product of the late 90s, it’s something the man-children of the current generation still look back on with joy. Spy Kids is a movie about a family of spies, started by two spies who stop being spies because they have kids, but wouldn’t you know it the kids draw them back into the spy game. The family has to stop a machiavellian children shows host from taking over the world; also Machete’s in this film.

Spy Kids Fan Theories

1st Spy Kids Fan Theory [6:00] American Imperialism is enacted within Spy Kids

  • The Monroe Doctrine

  • The Spanish American War

  • Spheres of influence

  • Best podcast episodes to get “busy” to

  • Popcorn Butter


2nd Spy Kids Fan Theory [19:10] Hand Symbolism in Spy Kids
From a Fan: Brian - Sent to yourtheories@fantheoriespodcast.com


  • Hand symbolism

  • Floop is an occultist

  • Marx and his love of handmade commodities


3rd Spy Kids Fan Theory [22:45] Floop is the secret mastermind


  • Floop doesn’t care about world conquest
  • Mr. Minion may have been zapped to be super evil
  • How Floop tricked the kids into setting him free

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