Pocahontas Pocahontas Fan Theories - Who is the Real Villain in Pocahontas?

In this podcast, we take a look at the Disney cartoon and Pocahontas fan theory: ‘Who is the real villain in Pocahontas?’. That Pocahontas theory is one of many that Joe and Anthony propose in this episode of Abstract Nonsense the Fan Theories and Alternate Readings Podcast. 

What's in a show, as explained by Joe

Pocahontas is a movie made by Disney about Native Americans and White settlers meeting each other for the first time and getting into what normally happens when two cultures get together... a giant war. Pocahontas our hero, falls in love with the most bland character in existence with the blandest of all names John Smith. What fan theories exist for this story about Native American in white reconciliation and war? Listen to this episode of Abstract Nonsense to find out.

In today's show...

Pocahontas Theory [8:30] - Higgins is master manipulator

This theory describes a character who most people write off in Pocahontas as a master manipulator. This Pocahontas theory argues that Higgins is one of the most important characters in yet as he may actually be pulling the strings between the Indians and the English. This Theory holds that without Higgins there would have been no real conflict between the English and Indians. The only issue with this Pocahontas Theory is that we don't know why he just wants to be the Puppet Master. Perhaps its a truth only he knows.

Pocahontas Theory [12:28] -The chief killed the racoon's family

This Pocahontas Theory explains why Pocahontas is really good friends with a racoon. The Indian chief wears a prized racoon pelt and this Pocahontas theory holds that that racoon that was skinned for that pelt may have been the parents of Pocahontas's racoon friend.


 Pocahontas Theory [14:50] - Pocahontas is crazy

This Pocahontas Theory tries to explain why Pocahontas has a very magical life. The first piece of damning evidence is the fact that she can talk to a tree and that tree talks back to her. Could she be in connection with the mother nature? Or is she just crazy? This Pocahontas theory argues the latter.

Pocahontas Theory [21:10] - Pocahontas is set in the Fallout universe

This Pocahontas Theory argues that Pocahontas may take place in the Fallout universe and that what we see isn't the past but a glimpse into the future.

Pocahontas Theory [23:27] - Pocahontas is about Native American supremacy

This last Pocahontas theory is a bit of a doozy. This Pocahontas Theory argues that Pocahontas is actually a propaganda film designed to inspire Native Americans to rise up and push out white Invaders in the modern age.


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