Grease Fan Theories - Is Grease Bad for Kids?

In this podcast, Abstract Nonsense explore the classic musical Grease and the fan theory: ‘Grease is actually really bad for kids’. That fan theory is one of many that Joe and Anthony propose in this episode of Abstract Nonsense the Fan Theories and Alternate Readings Podcast.

Grease Fan Theories in the episode of Abstract Nonsense

Grease is a musical that everybody loves. Grease is the word, it's the time, its the place, its the motion. However despite everyone's love for this film, is there a secret unknown truth at works within the Grease movie?

Abstract Nonsense takes a look at the Grease film and poses fan theories and alternate readings about this cult classic.

One theory holds that one of the school students didn't actually go to beauty school in Grease. No, this Grease theory argues that she actually became a prostitute. Another Grease theory argues that every time there is a song and dance number and something transitions that's actually a sign of the Grease characters taking drugs. The biggest clue in for this scene has to be the end where they depart in a flying car.

One of the final theories discussed on this podcast is the cold hard truth about the characters in Grease...they're all a$$h*les. Why is everybody putting up with their cr*p in the movie and what does this actually mean?


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