Dark Knight Theories - What is Alfred’s Sinister Plot? | Ep. 39

In this podcast, we take a look at the awesome comic book film The Dark Knight Theories and the Dark Knight theory: ‘What is Alfred’s Sinister Plot?’. That Dark Knight theory is one of many that Joe and Anthony propose in this episode of Abstract Nonsense the Fan Theories Podcast.

What is this show? - As Explained By Joe
The Dark Knight Rises

What is the Dark Knight Rises? Well it's about Batman, who has stopped being Batman, its been 8 years and Batman is old and he doesn’t feel like being Batman anymore. Bane is a bad guy who wants to come and invade Gotham with his army of slaves because he was born in the darkness. Bane plans to destroy Gotham city in order to fulfil the goal of the League of Shadows, and only Batman, who was kind of retired, can stop him. The Dark Knight Rises was not as good as the Dark Knight, but still a fun movie to watch and worth checking out if you are bored and need to kill 2.5 hours.

Dark Knight Rises Theories

1st Dark Knight Rises Theory [4:34] Gotham police are on Banes payroll

  • There appears to be no crime
  • Cops should be incredibly vigilant due to lack of criminals
  • The ability for Bane to sneak his army into the sewer shows either laziness or corruption in the police
  • The Gotham Police are used to being bribed by criminals, so perhaps Bane used Taggarts money to bribe many Gotham’s police


2nd Dark Knight Rises Theory [13:13] The Dark Knight Rises draws heavy inspiration from the French Revolution

  • The freeing of the prisoners of Blackgate prison mirrors the storming of the Bastille
  • The comparison between the struggling rich and poor mirrors that of the social classes prior to the French Revolution
  • Bane the leader of the people is a fantastic orator, just like Maximilien Robespierre
  • The kangaroo courts for the wealthy in the Dark Knight Rises is exactly like the courts that sentenced rich people to the Guillotine during the French Revolution


3rd Dark Knight Rises Theory [20:20] Alfred doesn’t mean batman at the end of the movie, it's wish fulfilment

  • It’s unlikely batman would have survived the bomb
  • Alfred never told anyone where he went for lunch during his holiday
  • It would require Batman visiting this cafe at least 7 times in order to ensure he doesn’t miss Alfred one day when he is on holidays


4th Dark Knight Rises Theory [25:12] What if Alfred has a sinister plot to kill the Waynes, to inherit their fortune From a Fan: Howie - Sent to yourtheories@fantheoriespodcast.com

  • Alfred arranges for Bruce’s parents to be murdered
  • Alfred grooms Bruce
  • Alfred then tries to get Bruce killed, so that he can inherit his fortune


5th Dark Knight Rises Theory [27:55] Bane’s plan makes no sense, he doesn’t understand how markets work

  • Bane could have committed fraud
  • Bane could have hacked Bruce Wayne’s account in the stock exchange
  • Bane could have bought future options that expired at Midnight, leaving Batman broke
  • However, Bane could have done none of this if Future options expire at 4pm (as they almost always do) and the trade is complete after the market closed
  • He also couldn’t have made trades after the Market has closed

6th Dark Knight Rises Theory [34:50] Why does Bane wear the mask?

  • Why Bane wears a mask
  • Why Batman wears a mask


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