Attack On Titan Fan Theories - Attack On The Maze Runners

In this Podcast episode, we take a look at the popular anime Attack On Titan. and the Attack on Titan fan theory: ‘It is a government experiment’. That fan theory is one of many that Joe and Anthony propose in this episode of Abstract Nonsense the Fan Theories and Alternate Readings Podcast.

Attack on Titan Fan Theories in this episode

Attack on Titan Fan Theory #1 - Everyone has the power of the Titans? [02:51]
Is it really just a select few who can turn into Titans, or is it something that almost every human can do (given the right set of circumstances?

Attack on Titan Theory #2 - Is it an allegory for China vs. Japan [08:31]
China and Japan have very frosty formal relationships, so could Attack on Titan actually be an allegory for Chinese & Japanese relationships?

Attack on Titan Theory #3 - Are the Titans yeast? [13:21]
Joe makes a strong case that Titans in Attack on Titan may actually be made out of yeast, Anthony is sceptical. Hear his case and decide for yourself.

{Spoilers: Maze Runner (2014)}
Attack on Titan Theory #4 - Is it a government experiment? [22:26]
The 2014 film Maze Runner had an ending that amounted to 'it was a government conspiracy, and they were testing to see which boys made great leaders'. This theory suggests that the Attack on Titan walled cities may actually be like the Maze Runner enclosure and that the Titans are actually a government experiment tested on the population. 

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